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The singers

"I am very happy to be part of the Cor Petits because I love singing and because my mother sings in the big Orfeó Català." Arcadi Costa, aged 7

"When I go on stage and I see all those eyes looking at us I think, this is a very big responsibility - we have to sing in perfect tune and sing very well so that all these people see that we're learning very well and working very hard, but most of all what I feel when I come to the Palau for classes or for concerts is very happy." Anna Serrano, aged 9

Cantaires season 2017-18

  • Alegre, Anna
  • Angriman, Kyma
  • Casan, Marina
  • Díaz, Sayara
  • Domènech, Berta
  • Dominguez, Magali
  • Eggens, Roc
  • Feliu, Clara
  • Font, Conrad
  • Groppo, Giulia
  • Jacques, Diego Carlos
  • Llamas, Aina
  • Mercadé, Àuria
  • Ndiaye, Anna
  • Oliver, Jan
  • Puig, Genís
  • Puig, Simó
  • Pujolàs, Lluc
  • Ramirez, Pol
  • Rius, Jaume
  • Roca, Xavier
  • Rotllán, Pol
  • Sobrado, Bru
  • Úbeda, Jana