About us

A total of 213 children and young people aged between 6 and 25 give life to the five choirs of the Escola Coral de l'Orfeó Català, an educational, artistic and social project which provides them with a comprehensive vocal and musical training.

The Escola Coral is the youth academy of the Orfeó Català. A journey which begins at the age of six in the Cor Petits and continues with their time in the Cor Mitjans and the Cor Infantil. Young people complete their vocal and musical training when they join the Cor de Noies or the Cor Jove de l'Orfeó Català, a stage which will involve six more years of intensive musical training.

An artistic and professional team made up of enthusiastic conductors, pianists, and singing and musical language teachers ensure the vitality of the project. An unstoppable rhythm and one which in recent years has developed into a project committed to society.

With more than 70 concerts and other activities a year, the Escola Coral is a uniquely pioneering project in the country, and is sponsored by the Fundación Banco Santander.