Artistic team

The musical collaboration between the director of the choir, Buia Reixach, and the pianist Josep Surinyac, has been resumed at the Palau to lead the Cor de Noies project. This tandem guarantees a solid training for the choristers, motivating and guiding them during their time in the choir.

The goal of the conductor and pianist is for the girls to feel part of a group committed to a high standard of musical quality, solidarity among its members and raising the profile of female choral singing by being a benchmark choir.


Buia Reixach i Feixes, conductor

"Conducting the Cor de Noies de l'Orfeó Català is a great privilege for me. It is most gratifying to be at the head of a group of involved, responsible and committed people who give up part of their spare time to pursue a shared project: making music. The Palau gives them a lot, it's true, and they give it back in the form of music experienced deep down, and communicating this to the audiences who come to hear them everywhere. Working with young people – whose feelings are very close to the surface – gives me enormous pleasure, week after week."

She began her musical studies at the Escola de Música de Torelló. She has studied singing with Cori Casanova, Myriam Alió and Dolors Aldea. She has been a member of the Capella de Música de Sta. Maria del Mar and taken part in several projects with La Xantria, under its director Pere Lluís Biosca. She studied choral conducting with Josep Vila i Casañas, Mireia Barrera and Xavier Sans. She has been director of the Coral Infants Alegres of Torelló, Coral Cervià of Torelló, Coral Serpencanta of Manlleu, the Cor d’Homes d’Osona, the Cor de pares i mares de l’Escola Coral de l’Orfeó Català and Nàiades – Cor de Noies.

She has worked on educational projects at the Escola Coral of the Orfeó Català to foster choral singing - Bombay in summer 2010 and in Cameroon in September 2011 - and since 2014 has been artistic director of the Cantem Junts project, run every two years at primary schools in the Osona area, which brings together 800 children at a concert. She currently directs the choirs of the Escola de Música de Manlleu and Nàiades-Cor de Noies, and directs the Cor de Noies of the Orfeó Català.

Josep Surinyac, pianist

"Working with the Cor de Noies is a privileged chance to work with a powerful, enriching team. It is fantastic to accompany the girls in this process of discovering their own voice, the repertoire and the feeling of belonging to a choir."

Born in Torelló (Barcelona), he began his musical studies with Montserrat Serra. He gained the advanced diploma in the piano at the Conservatori de Barcelona with Maria Jesús Crespo and Àngel Soler and subsequently pursued his studies at the Guildhall School of Music in London with Graham Johnson.He has won prizes in various national and international chamber music competitions.

His interest in the vocal repertoire has led him to work with singers like Dolors Aldea, David Alegret, Nancy Argenta, Lynne Dawson, Jordi Domènech, Enric Martínez-Castignani, Marisa Martins, Inés Moraleda, Maria Lluïsa Muntada, Roger Padullés, Stefano Palatchi, Raquel Pierotti, Arianna Savall, Peter Udland and Lluís Vilamajó, among others, and he has performed as an accompanist in different Spanish cities and various European countries, as well as Israel, the United States and Japan.

His most recent discography includes two CDs with vocal music by Granados and Toldrà with Maria Lluïsa Muntada, and Schubert's Winterreise with Enric Martínez-Castignani. On several occasions he has been asked to take part in the Schubertíada in Vilabertran, accompanying recitals by Marisa Martins, with considerable success with audiences and critics. He has also been invited on several occasions to perform at the Life Victoria Festival.

He is currently the pianist for the Cor de Noies at the Palau de la Música Catalana, conducted by Buia Reixach, and gives classes in lied and chamber music at the ESMUC. He has also been invited on several occasions by the Fundació "la Caixa" to accompany the singing master classes by Nancy Argenta and Lynn Dawson as part of the historical performance course taught in different Spanish cities.