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Conductor and pianist

The musical collaboration between the director of the choir, Buia Reixach, and the pianist Josep Surinyac, has been resumed at the Palau to lead the Cor de Noies project. This tandem guarantees a solid training for the choristers, motivating and guiding them during their time in the choir.

The goal of the conductor and pianist is for the girls to feel part of a group committed to a high standard of musical quality, solidarity among its members and raising the profile of female choral singing by being a benchmark choir.


"Conducting the Cor de Noies de l'Orfeó Català is a great privilege for me. It is most gratifying to be at the head of a group of involved, responsible and committed people who give up part of their spare time to pursue a shared project: making music. The Palau gives them a lot, it's true, and they give it back in the form of music experienced deep down, and communicating this to the audiences who come to hear them everywhere. Working with young people – whose feelings are very close to the surface – gives me enormous pleasure, week after week."

Buia Reixach, conductor of the Cor de Noies


"Working with the Cor de Noies is a privileged chance to work with a powerful, enriching team. It is fantastic to accompany the girls in this process of discovering their own voice, the repertoire and the feeling of belonging to a choir."

Josep Surinyac, pianist