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Conductor and pianist

The challenging task performed by Glòria Coma i Pedrals, director of the Cor Infantil de l'Orfeó Català, and the pianist Pau Casan is to assure the cohesion of a group made up of singers aged from 11 up to 16, both musically and on the more human side.

The perseverance and energy which Glòria and Pau put into this project is rewarded by the enthusiasm of the choristers and the breadth of their horizons, a comprehensive education through choral music.


"Working with boys and girls who like singing is very enriching and very exciting!  Our goal is to make good music while having a good time and making ourselves all a little happier!"

Glòria Coma, conductor

"Being part of the Escola Coral de l'Orfeó Català is a real privilege! The Cor Infantil in particular is an enormous responsibility, and being able to share the music with our kids and the whole team of teachers is a source of constant enrichment."

Pau Casan, pianist