Governing bodies

The Associació Orfeó Català is governed by the stipulations of its statutes, by the decisions of the General Meeting of Members and by the decisions of the Executive Committee, currently presided over, since 24th November 2010, by Ms. Mariona Carulla.

The representation and governance of the Associació Orfeó Català is assumed by the Board of Directors, which is constituted by: a chairperson, first deputy chairperson, second deputy chairperson, third deputy chairperson, first secretary, second secretary, treasurer, archivist-librarian and a maximum of ten members.
Additionally, there are four members who are chosen by singer members of the Orfeó Català, one of whom occupies the role of third deputy chairperson. With the exception of those designated by singer members, the holders of these offices are elected by the members following the procedure established in the Association’s bylaws. The Board of Directors meets at least six times during the year in ordinary session and may meet in extraordinary session called by the Chairman/woman or at the request of half plus one of its members.
The Board of Directors oversees the achievement of the objectives of the Foundation’s Strategic Plan and, consequently, develops the initiatives it considers relevant and provides support to the entity’s executives so they may fulfil the commitments established therein, in relation to these objectives and also to other circumstantial matters in the life of the Orfeó and the management of its assets.

Executive Committee


Mariona Carulla Font

First vice-president

Àlex Robles Fitó 

Second vice-president

Antoni Ros Marbà

Third vice-president (singer)

Guillem Gascón i Picallo

First secretary

Joan Vallvé Ribera


Joan Planes Vila

Second secretary

Carlos Cuatrecasas Targa


Joaquim Borràs Gómez

Committee members

Emilio Álvarez Costa
Mireia Arguijo Badia
Jaume Ayats Abeyà
Maria del Mar Calvet i Francesch
Lluís Domènech i Girbau
Ferran Passola i Cros
Glòria Renom Vallbona
Assumpta Terrés Bovet
Joaquim Uriach Torelló

Singer members

Maria del Mar Giné Guix
Xavier Garcia-Moll Marimón  
Anna Rosés Martí 

Guests with voice but no vote

Joan Oller Cuartero, director-general
Simon Halsey, choral director
Pablo Larraz, assistant director of the Orfeó Català
Esteve Nabona, director of the Escola Coral
Jaume Marfà, lawyer
Good Practices Commission