The choir

Part of the Escola Coral of the Orfeó Català, it is made up of 35 boys and girls aged from eight to ten. During their time in this choir the singers begin to work regularly on the rich repertoire for children's choirs and build up their commitment to the choir by attending two weekly rehearsal sessions. The singers are introduced to vocal technique by training their voice, as well as teaching the body posture and awareness of breathing needed to sing. They combine rehearsals with two sessions a week on musical language to learn the basics of reading and writing music.

They appear regularly in concerts at the Palau de la Música Catalana alongside the other choirs of the Escola Coral, and also pursue their own activities within the Palau and outside, taking part in exchanges with other Catalan choirs.

The Escola Coral of the Orfeó Català is sponsored by Fundación Banco Santander