The Choir

"The Orfeó Català is a choir extremely important in the history of Catalonia. I know of no other choir that clings both local and national awareness. Then there is the fascinating story of repertoire, locally, regionally and internationally and we will continue to expand. Just think of all our ancestors who invest in them so that we could enjoy the moment, and now it is our job to do everything possible to create a vibrant future!" Simon Halsey, artistic director of the Orfeó Català


The Orfeó Català is a symphonic choir. Its concert performance work alternates a vocal-orchestral repertoire with programmes of choral music, giving a major place to Catalan traditional and classical music.

The high level of vocal and musical training of its members – who, while not professionals, study singing – make the Orfeó Català an ideal instrument for the performance of the choral literature composed from the 18th century to the present day

The high artistic quality of the choir allows it to cooperate regularly with the top Catalan and Spanish orchestras, and also with a range of orchestral ensembles from Europe and other parts of the world, with whom it goes on concert tours.