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The choirs Clavé XXI

Escola Coral de Ciutat Vella

This is made up of the Cor Juvenil and Cor Mitjans of the Ciutat Vella district, two newly-formed choirs which practise in the Palau Rehearsal Room. They are made up of 36 children and young people from the neighbourhood who have been chosen for their motivation and musical talent. The members of the Cor Mitjans practise once a week and receive training in musical language. The Cor Juvenil has one weekly practice session lasting an hour and a half. The Cor Juvenil has been recognised by the Fundació d'Antigues Caixes Catalanes, the successor to the Unnim foundation, and the BBVA.

Cor Juvenil de Ciutat Vella
Cor Mitjans de Ciutat Vella

Mentored choirs

This currently includes two choirs from Mataró selected by the Escola Coral, with 50 singers. These are not choirs set up by this programme, but they receive musical advice and training from the Escola Coral de l'Orfeó Català.

Participating choirs:
Choir of 5-7 year-olds from the Escola Germanes Bartomeu in Mataró
Choir of 8-12 year-olds from the Escola Germanes Bartomeu in Mataró