The singers

"I am very happy to be part of the Cor Petits because I love singing and because my mother sings in the big Orfeó Català." Arcadi Costa, aged 7

"When I go on stage and I see all those eyes looking at us I think, this is a very big responsibility - we have to sing in perfect tune and sing very well so that all these people see that we're learning very well and working very hard, but most of all what I feel when I come to the Palau for classes or for concerts is very happy." Anna Serrano, aged 9

Choir's members 2019-20

  • Agüero Pulido, Joana
  • Altur Liu, Alma
  • Androutsopoulos Rodriguez, Luca
  • Casañas Ortodó, Martina
  • Cortés Plaza, Josué Tinsae
  • Coscojuela Andreu, Irene
  • Galera Colomer, Martina
  • García Oliveras, Marçal
  • Gasulla Giné, Berta
  • Giné Carrión, Mariona
  • Gonzalez Espelt, Lluc
  • Ibáñez Hidalgo, Martina
  • Jariod Garí, Eduard
  • Lladó Quintero, Marc
  • Mainat Dobrowolski, Jana
  • Maenner Arenas, Alba
  • Polo Solís, Isolda
  • Rosés Fitó, Martí 
  • Sallent Moncho, Mar 
  • Sánchez Martinez, May 
  • Sauerteig, Nicolas Lucas
  • Solera Blasco, Eloi 
  • Su, Taizhi 
  • Torregrossa Gargallo, Miquel 
  • Trubert Corcoy, Bérengère
  • Voth Olvera, Noah
  • Voth Olvera, Robyn